Sulake is the creator of Habbo – the world's most popular social hangout for teens.

Habbo – A strange place with awesome people

Habbo is a place to meet new and existing friends, express your creativity and simply have fun. Its a richly colorful pixel art wonderworld populated by millions of avatars called Habbos. Explore millions of rooms created by other users in the virtual community.

Habbo is a virtual hotel where millions of people from around the world go to live out their fantasies. Its a massively multiplayer experience where users design rooms, roleplaying in organizations, and even open their own trade shops and cafes. Currently there are over 120 million user-generated rooms in the 9 Habbo language communities.

Join the fun!

It's free and easy to join Habbo. The hotel is cross-platform and available in 9 different languages! Join online at Habbo.com. Download Habbo for iOS on the App Store or Habbo for Android on Google Play.