Meet Niko!


Niko is an exciting adventure game for iOS and Android devices, combining inventive sling shot actions and amazing platform level designs. A rare and inspiring creature, Niko must race through the dangerous Otherworld in hopes of rescuing his captured friends. As you help Niko dodge traps, flip over monsters, and collect achievements you’ll dive deeper and deeper into the mysterious Otherworld to unlock the secrets of the Niko game. 

As the game opens, Niko’s playful friends are suddenly captured by a monstrous world below. With only a moment to make a choice, and unable to imagine a life apart from his friends, Niko chooses to leap into the treacherous Otherworld to save them. To be successful, Niko needs to race through the levels, keep an eye on the traps and collect achievements on the way. 

While designed to appeal to a broad iOS and Android customer base, Niko also includes direct tie-ins to Habbo Hotel, giving Habbo members extra benefits and value while bringing them back to the online community to share their experiences. There are exciting virtual items in Niko a player can bring back to Habbo, including special Niko Badges and a Niko Trophy. A player can also redeem a Surprise Item if able to complete the total levels and rescue all Niko's friends! 

Niko is available for Apple iPhone (3GS, 4 and 4S), iPad, iPad 2 and on iPod Touch and for up-to-date Android devices running on Android version 2.2 or newer. Niko is a freemium game that is free to download and play for the first six levels. The full game, with three versatile worlds and 30 total levels can be unlocked for $1.99 (USD). 

You can also find Niko on Facebook & Twitter! Here you can check out the official trailer for the game: 

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