Lost Monkey


Lost Monkey is an exciting mobile game application available for iOS and Android devices. The game follows a mischievous monkey that has entered a broken teleport in Habbo Hotel and ended up alone and stranded on a tropical island. Players must take care of the monkey, entertaining it with mini-games and helping it survive so that it can return to Habbo Hotel. On completion of the game, players can keep the exclusive virtual monkey as a pet in Habbo Hotel.

The game includes:

  • 3 addictive multi-level mini-games
  • A lush island paradise you can decorate and customize
  • Lots of toys for your monkey to play and interact with
  • Exclusive bonus items for Habbo Hotel
  • An exciting storyline that will capture your heart and blow your mind
  • A virtual pet monkey you can bring back to Habbo Hotel after completing the game

Download the game for iOS devices

The game works on iPhone 3GS (or newer), iPad (or newer) and on newer iPod Touch devices (3rd generation).

Note: The game doesn't work with iPhone 3G or older phones or older iPod Touch devices (2nd generation and earlier).

Download the game for Android devices

The game works on Android 2.2 (or newer).

Did you know?

Habbo has won multiple awards - both international and national.