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Stop advertising - start involving! 

Habbo Hotel provides a great environment to drive interaction and conversations with millions of teenagers. As one of the world’s largest, and fastest growing online destinations for teens, Habbo Hotel offers innovative ways in which to engage with teenagers as well as invite their feedback. Habbo Hotel pushes traditional online marketing campaigns into a virtual, activity and identity driven world where brands have the opportunity to become content providers. 
The emotional bond that is created between the teenage community and their Habbo characters is truly unbeatable; the world in which they live becomes a platform for self expression and a forum for discussion.  Brands become an integral part of this democratic universe and the conversations taking place within it. 

Be a buzz of the online community!

PR_AdvertisingNokiaLounge.gifHabbo Hotel is a community where teens can explore their identities through self expression. Brands can help to spark this creativity and chatter in world by engaging consumers and creating an open and honest dialogue in a way that isn’t possible with traditional online advertising.  Brands can even create environments as a part of the virtual world, a form of advertising far more valuable than simply displaying an advertisement. Executed correctly, these campaigns result in brands becoming the buzz of the community.


More effective than traditional advertising 

Habbo Hotel provides for both international and local advertisers convincing audience numbers: 273 million registered Habbo avatars with 5 million teens visiting the site every month. The Habbo Hotel monthly page impressions globally are close to two billion. 

On average, users spend 41 minutes per session in the Habbo community. The time is spent together with friends in an environment created by both brands and users. Habbo case studies show that Habbo is far more effective in accurately targeting this group than the market average. It is all about real time social networking based on creativity and self-expression, which makes it a more powerful medium than traditional media. Unlike traditional media, Habbo offers far more flexibility as well as the potential to tailor execution far beyond most channels. 

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Did you know?

An average of 100,000 new Habbo members join every day.