Corporate social responsibility

Sulake is a company with strong values and responsibility towards its customers, employees and its environment. Pro and Play are the two words that the “Sulake Way” is built around. To put it simply: Sulake is a professional company with a playful mind. Sulake employees think and act in a proactive and playful way. Pro and Play can be interpreted in innovative ways.  

elama_on_parasta_logot.gifCo-operation with goodwill partners 

One of Sulake’s objectives as a company is to be a good citizen and to be socially responsible. The majority of our customers are teenagers between 12 and 16 – an age group that traditionally is considered a hard target for goodwill and charity organizations. Habbo has proven to be an effective tool for this kind of communication and thus Sulake’s aim is to assist organizations in utilizing the opportunity in the best way.  

Sulake cooperates with close to 30 different goodwill and youth organizations around the world. We have ongoing partnerships in different regions with organizations such as Unicef, the Red Cross, Powerchild and Childright.  

InfoBus: reaching teenagers where they are 

The most common way of participation for the goodwill organizations in Habbo is via a concept called the InfoBus. In short, the InfoBus is a virtual environment where the partner’s experts and the Habbo users come together to discuss topics in a stimulating and exciting setting. The InfoBus gives different organizations a perfect place to meet teenagers where they naturally are – and in one of the most popular features in the majority of Habbo communities. Usually there are queues of Habbos outside the bus even if there are no sessions taking place. The InfoBus has also won several awards for its 


Case: The Unicef Infobus in Spain

  • The virtual Infobus was transformed into a real Infobus, in collaboration with Unicef
  • The bus went on a tour in Spain, starting from Madrid, and then going from South to North (from Alicante to  Lerida)
  • The Queen of Spain visited the bus 
  • 3000 people visited the bus during the month it was on the road


Did you know?

Habbo has been visited by a wide array of celebrities, including Ozzy Osbourne, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Gorillaz, Lady Gaga and Sugababes, among others.