About Sulake

Sulake is a social entertainment company focused on online social places and games. Our goal is to inspire playful interaction and self-expression in people by creating easy to use social online services. Currently, these services include social game and online community Habbo Hotel.  



Make the world more playful! 

Our mission is to inspire creativity in people and bring them together by creating fun, social and non-violent online services. We focus on building virtual communities and online communication tools that are easy to access and play for everyone. Social play, user-generated content and innovation are key words in describing Sulake’s products. 

Sulake Corporation was founded in 2000. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, supported by a social media center based in London and a user care center based in Madrid. Today, the number of personnel is about 70 globally. 


Habbo Hotel Social Game and Community 

The main product of Sulake is Habbo Hotel, the world’s largest social game and online community for teenagers. The Habbo online community has customers in 150 countries  and 5 million teenagers visit the different communities every month.

Did you know?

65% of Habbo users are 13-16 years old.