Our Thoughts on Staff Changes

Friday, Feb 17, 2012 / Writer: Paul LaFontaine, CEO

Thank you for your tweets, blog posts and messages about the recent changes in staff at Habbo. I would very much like to respond to each tweet, but I think to share here is more efficient. I read all of your tweets. @MOCZHabbo tweeted and said I should explain the changes. That is a good idea. 

We are not closing any Hotels. If anything, we are going to make them bigger. We’re not closing all the offices. We’re moving people around so we can communicate better together and build things faster. We’re not going to stop awarding badges and creating fun quests and offering ways to achieve status in Habbo. We are going to do more of it. 

What is happening is very straightforward. We look at where you go in the Hotel and what you like to do. What you like to do, we are going to make more of. That means more games, more ways to make friends, and more tools to communicate with them. We’re going to stop doing the things you don’t like as much. That means less of what you weren’t using anyway. If we try something and you don’t use it, we’re going to take it down and not have people work on it. 

We had some great people working on things that were not as popular in the service. So it did not make sense to keep people working on that. We don’t have enough people making the things you like, so we transferred some people over to work on those things, and we’re going to bring in some new people as well. 

Keep the tweets coming. We’re listening.