EU Commission Report on Social Networking Services out today

Tuesday, Feb 09, 2010 / Writer: Juhani Lassila, Director PR & Communications

Today, on Safer Internet Day 2010, the EU Commission has published an extensive report about the safety approaches taken on by the EU Safer Internet Principles signatory companies. Sulake, with its products Habbo Hotel and IRC-Galleria, is proud to be part of this group. 

The individual evaluations of the services can be found on the EU Commission’s site. As you can read from the Sulake report, we can honestly say that our safety approaches are currently (and have always been) on a rather good level – of course there are always places to improve and we work constantly to do more on this front. 

Furthermore, even though we feel that Habbo Hotel belongs to the safest services on the internet, our players are using many other services that may not be equally safe. Thus, we feel that especially the user education is of utmost importance and we strive to work with different organizations and governmental bodies to cover this area in a proper manner. 

The Safer Social Networking Principles for the EU shows an excellent example of cooperation and goodwill of all the signatory companies – not to forget the contributing organizations and researchers. We hope that many new services and companies join this initiative.  

Let’s keep up this good work! 

Some background of the principles: 
The Safer Social Networking Principles for the EU were signed on 10 February 2009 by 18 major social networking service providers active in Europe, and joined by 2 further signatories in June 2009. All signatories, except, provided their self-declarations to the European Commission by June 2009. The evaluation report of implementation of the Safer Social Networking Principles presented today is based on an analysis of the companies' self-declarations and actual testing of the respective sites from end of October to beginning of November 2009.

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