Enter the Freakish Fairground!

Friday, Oct 12, 2012 / Writer: Linn Maria Reppe, Senior Manager, User Communications

With October in full swing, the season of spooky adventures has descended on Habbo Hotel like a misty, gloomy cloud. The Freakish Fairground has opened, and no one can be certain of the nightmares that rest within!

Joining the freak show at the fairground this year, will take some courage… but with the right attire, you might just fit right in! The good news is, we've got all new costumes made, too. You can find them in the wardrobe, with the rest of your clothes, and more is to come…

We've also got some new Furni for those who feel inclined to build a fairground of their own. Spooky new pieces will be added throughout the next three weeks, pieces that can be bought for Credits and this season's fitting new currency, the Pumpkin!

And last, but not least… no Habboween would be complete without a mystery, and this year, we've got to solve the one of the Freakish Fairground, and uncover its deepest, darkest secrets in order to put the ghosts of the carnies to rest…

Dare to enter Habbo Hotel this Habboween? We promise a lot of gloomy fun!

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