Kutsu: osallistu pelintekoon!

Peliyhtiö Sulake hakee peleistä ja pelinkehityksestä kiinnostuneita 11-25 vuotiaita pääkaupunkiseudulla asuvia nuoria n. 4kk kestävään pelinkehitysprojektiin. Projektissa pääset auttamaan meitä tulevan uutuuspelin ideoinnissa ja testaamisessa! Ennakkovaatimuksia ei ole - osallistumisessa tärkeintä on innostus ja luovuus. Täytä hakemus vaikka heti, käsittelemme niitä joulukuun 2013 loppuun saakka.

20.01.2014: Hakuaika on päättynyt. Kiitos kaikille innokkaille hakijoille!


Elisa becomes the main owner of Sulake Corporation Oy

Elisa becomes the main owner of Sulake Corporation Oy
Press release 7 February 2013
Elisa shall acquire Sulake Corporation Oy. Sulake will continue as an independent company and will serve its customers under the Habbo brand.
Elisa has signed an agreement that covers the purchase of the Sulake shares owned by other principal shareholders. The purchase enables Elisa to increase its ownership from 24 percent to 85 percent. In addition, Elisa will purchase the company's remaining shares. The purchase will be completed in February, 2013. The transaction will not cause any changes in Sulake's operations, and the company will continue its business as before under the Habbo brand. In addition, the acquisition has no effect on Elisa’s future outlook or mid-term financial targets.
-Elisa has had an ownership in Sulake from the beginning and has supported the international expansion of the Habbo Hotel service. The global client base, brand, community platform and solid business competence of Sulake, combined with Elisa's expertise, provide new future opportunities, says Mikael Rönnblad, Vice President of Consumer Services Business of Elisa.
- I am delighted to acknowledge that our long time investor is increasing their ownership and by that showing their trust to our company’s business, says CEO of Sulake, Markku Ignatius.
Sulake is an internationally known brand which creates social meeting places and games on the Internet. The most familiar of Sulake's services is Habbo Hotel, which was designed for teenagers. Habbo Hotel has 12 different language versions and users in 150 countries, and a total of more than four million young people visiting the service every month. Sulake's head office is located in Helsinki. The net revenue of Sulake in 2012 was approximately 22 million euro and the result was negative.
Additional information: Elisa Corporation, Mikael Rönnblad, Vice President, Consumer Services Business, tel. +358 500 448 089
Elisa is a telecommunications and ICT service company. Our online and ICT services provide Finns with experiences, and businesses with productivity. We serve approximately 2.2 million consumers, companies and public administration organisations. As the market leader in mobile subscriptions, we offer the most comprehensive and fast 3G network and 4G speeds in Finland. In 2011, our revenue was €1.53 billion and we employed 3,750 people. We offer international services in partnership with Vodafone and Telenor. For more details, go to
Sulake is a social entertainment company focused on online social places and games. Our goal is to inspire playful interaction and self-expression in everyone by creating easy to use social online services. Currently, the main service of Sulake is Habbo Hotel, the world’s largest online community and social game for teenagers. Sulake’s mission is to inspire creativity in people and bring them together by creating fun, social and non-violent online services. We create online communities and online communication tools that are easy to use for everyone. Sulake was founded in 2000. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and supported by a social media centre based in London, and a user care centre based in Madrid. The number of personnel is around 50. More information about Sulake at

29.10.2012 Paul LaFontaine, CEO

Habbo Returns To Its Roots

Launched over 13 years ago, Habbo Hotel was one of the first online communities. Since then the market for online communities has changed considerably. Habbo has always been for teens and we are aware that continuous development and renewal is key to successfully serving the teen audience.

Habbo is going back to its roots. It has always been a place to meet and enjoy time with friends. We are going to focus specifically on the features and services that makes finding new friends and sharing with old friends enjoyable. This means new features, fresh themed entertainment and a variety of games. And we will keep elements of the service Habbos have always loved. 

As we increase our focus we are going to streamline the business. The Sulake organization will be restructured to better serve the community needs. These necessary changes will allow us to maintain Habbo as an iconic and safe service for our users.

The 12 local Habbo sites will keep running as usual and the service will continue to be moderated and free to play. We will launch campaigns monthly as we always have and we will continue to offer new, exciting games on the recently launched game platform.

12.10.2012 Merja Turpeinen, Director, PR & Communications

Habbo part of Helsinki Design Museum’s ‘Home – a Space and a State of Mind’ exhibition

Helsinki Design Museum’s main autumn exhibition ‘Home – a Space and a State of Mind’ opens today October 12th and we’re happy to tell you that Habbo Hotel is a part of the exhibition! 

As described on the Design Museum site, “The Home – A Space and State of Mind is a multifaceted exhibition and the high point of Design Museum autumn season during World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. It addresses the relationship of modern-day people with the home from different perspectives, both conceptually and with concrete examples, and the various manifestations and meanings that this familiar environment can have. The exhibition also considers the evolution of the home in retrospect, from the present day back to the 19th century.”

The Finnish Habbo users got a chance to participate in the exhibition by creating their own dream Habbo homes. We arranged a competition in and the users were asked to send pictures of their dream Habbo homes to us. A total of over 900 creative room design images were sent to us, so deciding on the top 100 winners was not an easy job. Now the winning designs are being displayed in the exhibition, along with other Habbo elements shown in the museum, including e.g. impressive Habbo furni wallpaper :)

Did you know?

Habbo has been visited by a wide array of celebrities, including Ozzy Osbourne, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Gorillaz, Lady Gaga and Sugababes, among others.